What’s the Point: Playing or Winning?

Recently my friend Billy asked me if I was working on anything, meaning writing. I answered: What’s the point? Because, why bother? When I explained the why – he concurred.

The Evidence

is the data on YouTube’s product. I learned, ironically, while watching a Joe Rogan podcast on YouTube, that the latest statistics are: 500hrs of content are uploaded per minute! [Insert emoji]  Or, 720,000 hours of content per day!

I ran the numbers and they are staggering!

To consume one day of uploaded content? I’d have to live 282 years …  or something of that nature? I’d have to check my notes, and who has time for that?


is what we’re up against because bottom line? it’s always been that way.

One of my favorite YouTube creators is Teal Swan. In January, she uploaded a video about satisfaction as relates to who you are. She says there are three types of reasons, or motivations, as to why we do what we do:

  • process
  • outcome
  • so that

In other words we do what we do for a reason:

  • for the doing of the thing
  • to achieve a goal, i.e. win
  • because we have to “so as” we can ___

Election 2016

is a book I wrote that explores the question of ‘What’s the point?’ in detail. In fact on page 300 I ask that question of the reader as I explore the great debate between myself and friends.

Indeed. Can we stipulate that Swan’s third reason is a given? Because we all do what we have to “so as” we can carry on- or live.

So … are you/I motivated by the doing of thing or the reward?

The Reward Factor

or: the Super Bowl and the World Series.

Brady versus Mantle

is perhaps the greatest comparison to date of ‘Superman’, or the GOAT – greatest of all time. Or, is it the process (the game) or the outcome (winning)? And, what accounts for and determines success?

Tom Brady

The evolution of the GOAT QB
Tom Brady, the GOAT of professional football

just won his 7th Super Bowl championship (in 20 years of competing).

Mickey Mantle

My hero
Mickey Mantle, the GOAT of baseball

won seven World Series championships (in only 12 years).

The Approach

of both men were different. As were the times, or context.

Nevertheless, no one can argue that both men were the GOAT.

Brady adheres to strict mental and physical preparedness (conscious) to be the best. Clearly motivated by ‘outcome’. Mantle just played the game.

Mickey relied on his innate talents (unconscious) with no expectations of greatness. Mantle was a combination of Swan’s three motivational factors. [As I argue Trump does/did.]

However, both men were motivated by others’ expectations. Brady seems to be motivated by outcome, i.e. achievement; whereas Mantle, by obligation and duty to his father & family.

What’s the point?

  • Satisfaction
  • Legacy
  • Happiness
  • Longevity

I’m just curious as to what you think?

Is the point to win? Or is playing enough?

To be born, to be here is ____ ?


I’ve written, and read, about Mickey Mantle for over 60 years. He was, along with Elvis, Tarzan, and John Wayne (and their ilk) a huge influence on who I am. I’m not sure ‘Psych girl’ gets that?


Psych girl, can we talk?






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