Who Decides: Game Of Thrones

One of the pandemic perks (PP) is more screen time. For me, I started to watch the HBO show Game of Thrones. I know, I’m (as my psych girl said) “a little late to the party. But, better late than never.” She thinks she’s funny. Sometimes she is, and so am I. However, for now, put that aside.

Who decides

is, perhaps, the ultimate question since forever. That’s what the “game of thrones” is all about – The Song of Fire and Ice

I’ve just finished season seven, which has some very philosophical conversations embedded in it. Such as: ‘What’s the point of serving a god if no one ever knows what he wants?’

And: ‘What are you fighting for?’

Also: ‘Heroes do stupid things and then they die. They all try and out do each other.’

‘And they all fall in love with you.’

Walking and wondering why
Why we fight

A band of men, rivals, trek north in the quest to decide, “who decides”, against all odds. Because death is the most likely outcome and they all know it.

Why do they do it? Because “fucking is best.”?

Nature’s way

is the strong survive. Nature’s way is: ‘When winter comes the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives’.

“Mother Nature is a bitch.” I said to my psych girl. She looked left and then said, “Yeah, in 2020, for sure.”

Silent, she smiled a crooked smile.

Then she laughed out loud at my struggle to survive, thrive, and be heroic.

I sighed, and thought looking at her wry grin, this is not fair.

Who decides

has not changed. Men compete and women choose. And in the end ‘We all die. Death is the enemy and the enemy always wins.’

‘But we still need to fight him, for the others who can’t defend themselves.’

Pandemic Perks

are many. However, some things don’t change.

Moreover, there will always be winners and losers.

That’s Nature’s way.

And she is a bitch.

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