What Happened to Education?

Education requires freedom
The author in the Wild Basin

What happened to education? is a great question. Certainly books have been written, and will be written (maybe), regarding answers. My answer is both simple and extremely complex.

Survival and greed, in other words: Life at work, or biology on planet earth.

My Favorite People

are progressives. (see them here and here and here.)

However, each has a different take. And all are wrong as well as right. In other words – they have been ill-educated. Their interpretation of “what the hell is going on?” is biased by their education.

My “Higher” Education

began here, in the fall of 1970.

In 1970 the cost of "higher education" was $11.00 per credit hour. But, evolutionary forces were still at work.
Higher Education (1970)

And ended in the fall of 2000 at Denver University’s Graduate School of Social Work. Trust me? (I have documentation.)

Subsequent, and consequently, I opened a bookstore in the hopes of “educating the public”, with regards to what is what. Ha!


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