New Year’s Eve 2022

Twenty years ago I had high hopes. Not so much any more as humanity has turned sour and more selfish. This picture is my festive display from my then home in Evergreen, Colorado.
New Year’s Eve 2002

It’s hard to wrap my head around that it is already New Year’s Eve 2022. Wasn’t it just a couple days ago I posted December Music? No, it was thirty days ago. What the hell is going on? Christmas has come and gone. So did a wicked cold snap (ten days past) and sudden blizzard (three days ago). My son, Jake, is back home in LA, after a quick visit here to see his mother and father and old friends.

As my new friend Wyrd said recently, “I really do wonder if humanity has “topped out” and now suffers from a kind of despair. There’s been a strange mood in the air the last two years.” Indeed. Books could be written. However, there’s no time for that, is there?

New Year’s Eve

is traditionally a night of reflection spent with friends in revelry, joy, and hope. Hmm? Not this New Year’s Eve 2022. It seems as if humanity has turned dark – turned on one another more so than ever before. And that’s not Trump’s doing. Grief and despair are everywhere. “The dangerous passion” – jealousy – lurks beneath the “mask of sanity”.

Another new WordPress friend, Pooga, posted about goals – looking back and going forward. One goal I had was to get book sales going. In that I failed completely. Another goal was to take care of myself and not be a burden on anyone or any institution. In that I was 100% successful. So …

I won’t be staying up late, partying, and “ringing in the New Year” with joy and hope. Maybe I’ll watch a movie, or a series on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Anyway, Happy New Year. Take care of yourself. I’ll see you next year.

4 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve 2022

  1. Yes. Hopefully things will fall into place and we’ll all move forward to more time spent on the people and things we like and love. Cheers, brother. Happy New Year.

  2. Yeah. The world of the www has speeded time up. So many data points bombarding our senses. A year’s worth of “news” comes at us in a day, personal and political/global. But and so, sitting quietly can seem like forever, and that then you’ll be forgotten. Proof that you are, indeed, insignificant. cheers.

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