Outlander Series, Season One

I wrapped up last night. Okay, I’m a little late to the party. Season eight is in the works.

The series (2014) is based on the books, began in 1991, written by Diana Gabaldon (1952-).

It’s hard to classify but I’ll call it Historical Fantasy Fiction.

How did they get here?

The author writes as I do. Meaning – she doesn’t know where the story is going. However, starts with an idea, then some historical fact, adds time and place, and then some characterization. The characters are exaggerations of complex heroes and villains.

The Story

is one of improbable Time Travel. A young woman accidentally falls through a portal in Scotland in 1945. She awakens in the same place, one of those mysterious stone configurations that exist there; but in 1745. There is violence and she is almost raped but rescued. She knows where she is because she had just been discussing the history with her husband, who is a descendant of her would be rapist. Holy shit!

The heroine also knows the final outcome of all the dramas because she comes from the future. Claire Randell knows who wins and who loses, eventually.

Of course she falls in love with her rescuer. And we’re off. However, Claire, is a second-wave feminist and things were different back then. So there’s that conflict, too.

Adventure and Romance

is at the heart of the story. Which are the twin guiding stars of my own life. So I love this. Also, there are questions of who, what, where, when, why and how does all this happen? What is love? What is loyalty? Why do we do what we do?
Can we change? Can we change what happens?

Heroes and Villains

are, as I said, exaggerated. But who knows, really, until you are tested? Claire is amazing, and so is her 18th Century husband, Jamie Frazer. And they must be because the villain, Captain Black Jack Randall is the worst. By far ever? He is the most vile, sadist in the history of the world. Furthermore, he looks exactly like Claire’s 20th Century husband, Frank Randall. Oh my.

[for more on Strong Female Characters check out friend of Great Debate Wyrd Smyth’s post: https://logosconcarne.com/2022/10/03/strong-female-characters/ ]

The Music and Setting

is also a favorite of mine – soulful Celtic and lush-green country, with castles. There is lots of eating and drinking. What’s not to like?

Also, there is the sex. This is almost x-rated. Claire, being a “modern” experienced woman, must teach Jamie how to properly make love.

Poetic license

runs throughout. Such as the beginning of golf as sport. The love of Scotch whiskey. Gabaldon also plays with language. As when Jamie questions Claire on the meaning of words she uses. “What does ‘fucking’ mean?” “What is ‘sadist?'”

I’ve often wondered about those sorts of things. The author has fun speculating about the likes of origins. What was it truly like 200 years ago?

I’m looking forward to seven more seasons. Who knew? About streaming entertainment? What the future has in store? And if what we do now can change it?

Five stars. Bravo! Cheers!


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  1. Hmmm, I’ll have to check it out. Btw, my own family ancestry dates back to the 17th Century in New York, USA. And of course, much further back in “the old country”.

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