Time and mind fades away.
The Jabbours, 1984. Grand Lake, Colorado

Today is my brother’s 74th birthday. That’s him, upper right. That’s me upper left. The year was 1984. That’s our father with the stovepipe hat and fake mustache. Also in the picture are our wives and children (including my two step-children). We’re all 37 years older, except for our mother and father. They’re diseased. There is only one addition to the Jabbour family. It’s her birthday today, too!

Time Fades Away

was a previous post. It’s true!

However, birthdays are a way we remember. I’d forgotten about us – the Jabbour family/clan/tribe. I’d forgotten I had this picture. It was the summer of 1984 and my father’s birthday (July 28). We gathered together just one more time in our lives – Thanksgiving that year.

I was born on Thanksgiving. That year I was thirty-five. Jake, my son (bottom left) was barely a year old. I’m sure he doesn’t have recall of those days.

The Meaning of Life

depends. Because it varies depending upon where one is in their own. Meaning, also, many things.

Yet, most of us celebrate on the day we were born. Or want to. However we view and experience “celebration”. My brother’s life has changed dramatically in the past year. He has “long COVID”.

What it means

is that we (humans) don’t know shit. We do make stories. We make stuff up.

Some of us are more lucky than others, depending … . Upon who wins?

Happy Birthday 

brother. And grand niece. Cheers. I wish you wealth, health, and happiness.

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