Election 2020: My Prediction

I'm on the record, again
My prediction: Trump wins 325 – 213

I can’t help myself, despite my psych-girl’s counsel (to be quite). I have to go on the record. I was right in 2016, and think I’m right again.

Why Trump Wins 

even bigger than before? You might ask? Because, as before, I believe my own eyes, ears, and analysis. In other words, I base my judgement on my own perceptions and not the “experts” and their analysis.

Why The Experts Are (mostly) Wrong

They have an agenda: To be right and feel good (which is universal). However, their agenda is not detached from their need for security. Because their security and status depend on pleasing their bosses. And that leads to groupthink, as well as “science”. But, the science (or data) and scientists are subject to the same pressures. No one trusts anymore their own eyes and ears. Because their own security, status, and yes survival depends on agreement with those in power.

The Latest Example

was the just concluded World Series. Specifically game six, wherein the manager of the Tampa Bay Rays removed his starting pitcher (who was untouchable, throwing a masterpiece), because “the data” told him to. The Rays subsequently lost the game and the Series. If only … ? Who knows what would have happened.

Trump Voters

turned out in record numbers for his blitz of campaign rallies

A recent Trump rally
Fearless Trump voters

(as many as six a day) in the final week of the campaign. Biden supporters (some) tried to gin-up enthusiasm; but really? Who can get excited about an angry, bitter, beta male?

On The Record

I just wanted to make it real. If Trump wins and you want to know why? I suggest you read my book Election 2016: The Great Divide, The Great Debate.

If Trump doesn’t win … . Okay, maybe I’ll write a book about that. Tonight? I’m watching Joe Rogan’s live podcast on YouTube.

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